Reading should be fun and informative, but the struggle people with Dyslexia have out weighs the enjoyment.

Barb has been using the Wilson System for 25 years. This is a 12 step program where lessons begin by teaching a child how to identify the smallest parts of the word sounds. They learn how to combine the sounds by finger-tapping. After mastering blending three sounds, the student then moves to four sounds, and goes from there. After they learn the sounds then they move to syllables, from words to sentences, stories to books. Each step builds on the previous step. Barb has taught several students whose parents were told their child would NEVER read and they did learn to read. One of her former students, whose parents were told that, is now in college.

Barb Pavoni, Certified Wilson Dyslexia Therapist, Chandler, AZ, 480-200-9968,

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